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Fastly’s edge cloud platform powers fast, secure, and scalable digital experiences. Increase customer loyalty by improving experiences across web, mobile, and IoT. Ensure scalable, broadcast-quality video across all devices, anywhere. Secure your business at the edge, where threats meet your users. Optimize traffic distribution and auto-scale your applications.

Fastly’s edge cloud platform enhances web and mobile delivery by accelerating dynamic assets and caching unpredictably changing content. It transforms and serves images faster from the edge, reducing origin traffic and saving on infrastructure and egress costs. Poor web and mobile performance can negatively impact customer conversion and retention rates, SEO, and advertising revenue. Fastly’s edge cloud platform accelerates your web and mobile applications while world-class Dynamic Site Acceleration (DSA) speeds up content delivery.

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How is StackPath different from its competitors?

Lately, StackPath has acquired MaxCDN, Highwinds, Cloak (a VPN service), and web security companies Fireblade and Staminus, and has brought these technologies together in its own CDN offering.StackPath has 10 PoPs in North

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How is Rackspace different from its competitors?

While all the big players in CDN industry provide customer self-service, instant access, and high speeds, these features only act as qualifiers and not differentiators. Rackspace boasts a number of features that differentiate it

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Does Rackspace offer origin pull?

Rackspace CDN allows customers to make their whole website faster, without having to identify each asset for CDN delivery. Origin pull works by allowing customers to identify the domain they want to accelerate, let’s say

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How is CDN77 different from its competitors?

CDN77 is a powerful Content Delivery Solution having 32+ PoPs around the world. CDN77 is mainly focused on VOD, Software Delivery, Gaming and CDN Live Streaming. CDN77 serves more than 11500 customers from across the world and

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How much does KeyCDN cost?

Key CDN follows a pay-as-you-go pricing model. You can find more information regarding KeyCDN's pricing here

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