Price: £10/tester - Custom is a low priced user testing platform on the market.With feedback from testers, you’ll soon have a wealth of ideas for optimising your website. Receive high quality videos of your users using your website to identify pitfalls and opportunities for improvement.

Receieve high quality feedback from 'Qualified Testers' within 24 hours of setting up your test. This form of user testing is both inexpensive and quick. Users need tasks to complete rather than roaming aimlessly on your site. Giving them guidance helps define a structure - a natural flow. Receive high quality videos with audio, of a user undertaking and completing your tasks. Be sure to take note of their thoughts, opinions and feedback.

Share your videos or download them for viewing later. You are given a shareable link, so feel free to share your videos with colleagues, developers, employees - anyone.

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How can I test the usability of my website?

With the help of a usability testing tool, usability researchers can save themselves a fortune by eliminating the need to hire a UX designer. Its results are close to traditional usability testing facility results but at a much

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