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MicroPact entellitrak by MicroPact
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entellitrak by MicroPact is a low-code application development platform for case management and BPM. By putting Data-First, entellitrak provides a continuous spectrum of case management and business management solutions — giving organizations the flexibility to commence application development initiatives from a variety of starting points. With entellitrak, you can begin with a traditional process modeling approach, or, based on existing case data, take a Data-First approach and configure business applications immediately and layer on policies and processes over time.

Rather than requiring the use of third-party applications, or different portals for different functions, entellitrak streamlines work with a single, Section 508 compliant, web-based interface that puts Data-First and facilitates team interaction — everything is built in, from day-to-day case management and process management to advanced application development and programming.

entellitrak modules are completely integrated, fully-featured solutions — not add-ons or afterthoughts — that provide a seamless environment of advanced enterprise capabilities. This highly integrated approach empowers users to create, access, deliver, and use content in more contextual and personalized ways.

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