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With TrackVia's low-code app platform, rapidly develop and deploy custom workflow software that streamlines your critical operations and field services. It offers a true low-code platform that combines the speed, ease and agility of a spreadsheet with the power, sophistication and automation of an enterprise-grade system. The best part? You can configure your web and mobile applications exactly the way you want and change them yourself with no complex coding or IT help needed.

TrackVia is a low-code alternative to spreadsheets, legacy databases and complicated enterprise systems to track, manage and automate critical business processes or operational workflows with greater efficiency, speed and ease. It does this by making it easy to collect data accurately, analyze that data in real time, and take immediate action through automated tasks, alerts or even emails.

Easily create custom workflows for virtually any operational process. Change or refine your application anytime with drag-and-drop ease. When one step in a workflow or process is complete, automatically trigger the next step in your process to begin. Easily integrate workflows or processes into your existing corporate systems using TrackVia’s built-in connector service or APIs.

Whether collecting data on the factory floor, in the office or out in the field, TrackVia makes data collection faster, easier and more accurate. TrackVia’s integrated web and mobile solution allows you to:

  • Easily enter data from your desk or on the go using a phone or tablet
  • Quickly capture pictures, signatures, geolocation info or scan bar codes
  • Instantly centralize all your workflow data in once place

Built-in business intelligence allows you to visualize all of your workflow data in real time via charts, graphs and more, so you can identify problems, remove bottlenecks or take action to increase efficiency. Drill into any view or chart to see record-level detail.

TrackVia’s proprietary workflow software engine intelligently automates tasks, work orders, alerts or steps through event- or data-based triggers that you set and configure for your specific processes.

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