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Easily create a variety of online forms and surveys with EmailMeForm. Custom design and lots of options for your contact, event registration, lead generation and any other kind of forms. You can select from templates such as contact forms, order forms, and survey forms. Or create your own form using its WYSIWYG form builder and form it will generate the HTML code to copy and paste to your site. No need to run scripts, its powerful engine processes your form submissions, autoresponds on your behalf, and redirects visitors to your thank you page. EmailMeForm's forms contain multiple anti-spam options like CAPTCHA image verification, IP address limits, and Keyword Blocking.

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What are the advantages of using 123FormBuilder? What difference does it make for a web based business?

Hello,Thank you for your question. We offer a variety of features available for our customers, for example:Easy to use, customizabilitySell tickets and get paid via PayPal,, Stripe, Square and many more (create

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Can payment fields be added to forms using Paperform?

You can include payments, products, and donations (pay what you want) on all Paperform plans. Subscriptions are only available on Pro & Agency.

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Can file upload fields be created using Paperform?

Ask your audience to upload an image or other types of files by using the respective fields in the form editor.Image Upload fields are used to ask your users to specifically upload image files to the form. The field is

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Does Paperform let me include CAPTCHAs in my form?

Paperform forms use an 'invisible' CAPTCHA. This is the latest tech in this area, and rather than requiring every single one of your audience to confirm they are not robots, it watches how your audience behaves and only asks

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Can file upload fields be created using 123FormBuilder?

Yes. We offer the functionality to add a File Upload field on the form: Through this field your customers can upload any type of files, and the files are stored within your account. Also,

Online Form Builders 123FormBuilder
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Form Builder Features

Varied themes

Multipage and Conditional Logic

Save and Resume

Simple Form Embedding

File Upload field

Customize Branding

Drag and drop editor




Email notifications

Payment Collection

Payment integration

Selfcalculation fields

Order Forms


Google Sheets

SalesForce CRM



Data Collection

Split Testing

Data Analytics

Email Logic

Field Validation

Social Autofill


SSL Encryption

Password Protection


Help and Support



Blog Forums

Live Chat

Mobile Support for form users

Social Media



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Number of Submissions

  • 100
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Multiuser access

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Account manager

Storage Space

  • 100MB
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  • 20GB

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