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RankWatch is a web based SEO tool that provides its users with features such as keyword archive, SEO management, white labelling, scheduled reports that can be exported in CSV and PDF. Some other features include localized rankings, email instant notifications, unlimited email recipients and comprehensive competitor analysis. Rankwatch provides integration with Google Analytics as well as Google Search Console. It does not provide mobile support.

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What all does Yext offer under Competitor Analysis

With Yext's competitive intelligence services, you can see how your ratings and search performance stack up against the competitors of your choice. Use this information to make more informed marketing decisions, like adjusting

SEO Tools Yext
Can I find out hidden keywords (keywords I am not aware of) that bring me traffic with Yext

The first way is by using Yext Pages Insights. When you work with Yext to build your local pages you get analytics from those pages back into the Yext platform. One of those metrics is "Common Search Terms," which will highlight

SEO Tools Yext
What all does Raven Tools offer under Competitor Analysis

Raven uses the best data from Majestic, Moz, Google AdWords and OpenCalais to provide you with keyword and competitor intelligence and insights so you can determine the best strategy to outrank them in SERPs.

SEO Tools Raven
Does Raven Tools let me monitor backlinks?

Raven Tools' Link Manager makes it easy for link builders to keep track of their efforts. It monitors for link changes, takes screenshots of active links and notifies you when a link changes. You can use Raven's Site

SEO Tools Raven
What all does Majestic offer under Competitor Analysis

Majestic allows you to compare huge URL lists. With its Bulk Backlinks Checker tool, it is easy to instantly compare large lists of URLs and see which are the most important. You can check up to 100,000 twitter profiles side by

SEO Tools Majestic
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