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MicroStrategy Cloud combines all of the enterprise analytics, mobile, and security features of the MicroStrategy 10 platform with powerful, scalable tools for data integration, validation, and warehousing. It’s designed to help organizations get up and running as quickly as possible, so they can start building transformational analytics applications in minutes. It combines self-service productivity with the security, scalability, and governance of enterprise-grade business intelligence. Build and deploy analytics applications for web, smartphones, and tablets without writing a single line of code. With MicroStrategy Cloud, there’s no upfront capital expenditure. Only pay for the service you use – it’s cost-effective and less risky.

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Does Highcharts support SQL query modes?

This is Cloud solution, so we do not connect to anyone's database. One of features we will release soon is direct connection to a 3rd party API.

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Can I generate private URLs for my reports using Highcharts?

You can decide if chart should be private or published. If you publish your chart, then chart is available to everyone.

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Can I generate private URLs for my reports using Looker?

Yes, all report urls (we call reports "views") are private by default, meaning they require a valid user session to be viewed, however we do have options to make a view url public for non looker users if needed.

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Does Looker support SQL query modes?

Yes, looker offers several mechanisms to define when a query should come from a cache entry stored by looker (assuming the exact sql being run has been run before), and when that cache should be invalidated (either triggered by

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How much does InsightSquared Analytics Suite cost?

Yes, InsightSquared has a licensed-based model. Each license cost about $73 per user. Though, the customization cost to be calculated is significantly more complex than licensing cost. Most of the customization cost depends on functional requirements and specific needs.

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