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Gemalto offers a broad range of hardware, software and mobile-based OTP authenticators, enabling organizations to meet diverse assurance levels when securing any enterprise solution, be it on-premises, cloud-based, remote or virtual. Offering out-of-band authentication via push notifications, SMS or email, Gemalto’s out-of-band authenticators utilize a communication channel other than the one being accessed to deliver a one-time passcode, elevating both security and user convenience. Gemalto’s suite of MobilePKI Office solutions enable organizations to extend PKI security, smartphones and tablet, making advanced PKI use cases available on mobile devices, including digital signature, encryption and strong authentication. By combining physical access controls with logical access, organizations can secure physical access to offices and secure industrial and manufacturing sites while protecting access to sensitive networks and applications. Gemalto’s suite of SafeNet certificate-based PKI tokens enable secure access to a broad range of resources, as well as other advanced security applications, including digital signature, email encryption and two-factor authentication.

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How much does Authy cost?

Authy is free to use for less than 100 authentications per month. After which it follows a pay-as-you-go model where you are charged per authentication.

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