Encrypt.me by Cloak
Price: $9.99/month

Encrypt.me is an app for desktop and mobile that helps to keep you safe online. Encrypt.me encrypts the connection between your device and our trusted servers in the cloud. Since Encrypt.me secures your data before it leaves your device, even if someone nearby intercepts it, it looks like gibberish to them.

Encrypt.me secures everything you do on your laptop, smartphone, and tablet. Whether you’re browsing the web or using apps, Encrypt.me keeps you safe.

Under the hood, Encrypt.me establishes something called a Virtual Private Network (VPN). The good news is that you don’t need to know anything about networking to stay safe with our app. In essence, VPNs provide a layer of protection between your device and the internet. They allow you to secure your connection to an untrusted network, regardless of who else may share access to it.

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Does Mullvad offer dynamic or static IPs?

You will have a static shared IP if you exit through the same server. If you switch server you will have another IP but the IP will not change for the server.

VPN Services Mullvad
How is Mullvad different from its competitors?

There are several key-points which make Mullvad stand apart from its competitors:We do not require an email to sign up with us, and you can pay forinstance via cash to make sure that we have no idea who you are, andthat no

VPN Services Mullvad
Does PureVPN offer dynamic or static IPs?

PureVPN allows you to choose from both static (dedicated) IPs or dynamic IPs.Dedicated IP can only be accessed from a single device at a time. Rest of the devices may be connected to shared servers.Dedicated IP is associated with

VPN Services PureVPN
What differentiates PureVPN from its competitors?

PureVPN is one of the best if not the best VPNs available in the market. When you purchase a subscription, you get five licenses to spread across all your devices. PureVPN runs smoothly on Linux, macOS, and Windows, as

VPN Services PureVPN
What differentiates VPN Unlimited from its competitors?

VPN Unlimited is a cross-platform service with various extensions, like personal servers, team accounts, etc.The app features KeepSolid Wise protocol that disguises VPN traffic as HTTPS one. It's a great option for users from

VPN Services VPN Unlimited
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  • Cloak


  • $9.99/month

Unlimited Bandwidth

Simultaneous Connections

  • Unlimited




LtwoTP IPsec




No Traffic Logs

Ad and Malware Blocker

PtwoP Support

Block DNS Leaks

Devices Supported

  • macOS







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