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Microsoft Team Foundation Server by Microsoft
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Team Foundation is a set of tools and technologies that enable a team to collaborate and coordinate their efforts on building a product or completing a project. Team Foundation enhances team communication, tracks work status, supports team roles, enacts the team process, and integrates team tools. 

The primary purpose of Team Foundation is to enable collaboration on a team to make it easier to build a product, or complete a project. There are many types of projects. Software projects involve building and releasing a software product that is typically a new product, an upgrade to an existing product, or a minor update release.

Team Foundation enables collaboration through enhanced communication, supporting multidisciplinary roles, tracking work status, enacting the team's process, and integration of tools.

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How much does Microsoft Team Foundation Server cost?

In order to install the full version of Team Foundation Server, you would require one server license and a client license for each developer. The server license costs about $500 and the client license costs about the

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