Imperva Incapsula Web Application Firewall

Imperva Incapsula Web Application Firewall by Imperva Incapsula
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Incapsula’s cloud-based Web Application Firewall (WAF) safeguards your websites and applications from any web attack, so you can avoid costly data breaches and downtime. Based on Imperva’s powerful and efficient technology, its PCI-certified service protects against SQL injection, XSS and other OWASP top 10 threats. Incapsula’s custom security rules allow you to enforce your organization’s security policy in an optimal manner within Incapsula’s Web Application Firewall. A simple-to-use GUI lets you configure tailored security rules to meet your business’ particular needs. Each security rule can be configured specifically according to the customer’s blocking policy (block request, block IP, block session or alert only). Incapsula protects you from liabilities and non-compliance penalties, while protecting your customers' sensitive data from exposure on your site. 

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