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Omniconvert helps you understand your buyers and optimize your conversion rate at the same time. If you want to deploy variations to different segments of visitors and measure their impact, its segmentation engine will provide exactly what you need. With Omniconvert, you can create tests for your visitors regardless if they're on tablet, mobile or desktop. Omniconvert helps you run better A/B tests based on the reports it provides. Use graphic representations and other tools such as our statistical calculator to make sure you take the best decision every time. Any winning variation of an A/B test can become the control for your future test, without actual implementation. This feature greatly speeds up your optimization process.

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The Best Free AB Testing Tools

Split testing enables website owners like yourselves to make informed decisions about the changes on your website. You can do so by comparing the impact these changes have on your metrics with half of your traffic driven to the

A/B Testing Tools
What are some split testing tools on a budget?

A/B testing (split testing or bucket testing) helps users evaluate their decision’s success without losing out on potential customers. It is the process of comparing two different versions of a webpage (or any other content like

A/B Testing Tools
How much does Optimizely Cost?

Optimizely stopped disclosing their pricing publicly in 2014 and since then can only be availed "On Request". Since the prices are quoted by their Sales agents, they might differ from customer to customer especially for the high

A/B Testing Tools Optimizely
What is A/B testing and how effective is it?

A/B testing allows you to compare two different versions of a page to see which one performs better. When you run an A/B test, you compare one page against one or more variations that contain one major difference in an element of

A/B Testing Tools
Does A/B testing affect my SEO or search ranking?

No, A/B testing does not affect your search ranking or SEO. The reason is that search bots do not execute JavaScript, the method used by most A/B testing tools. Google has its own tool for A/B testing and does A/B testing itself,

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