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Adform helps you reach your best prospects with the right message wherever they are in the funnel. Use one tag to track every channel and every screen – no IT resources required. Create, modify, delete and manage tags easily – all from within Adform. Leverage sequencing to lead prospects through their buying journey using a progressive series of ads. Create the perfect brand experience: leverage frequency capping to ensure your target audience isn’t bombarded with your messages. The Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) tool customizes and builds your ads on the fly to support your campaign goals and priorities, even as they evolve. Ads are updated dynamically, based on any combination of user behavior, product preference, history, demographics and geography.

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How much does OpenX cost?

OpenX doesn’t reveal its pricing. Though, it has been well-documented over the internet that they charge $1000 setup fee. As per your requirement; the number of Ad impressions, the minimum monthly fee is charged. For 1 million ad

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What kind of advertising formats does Adzerk supports?

Adzerk offers smooth native ad implementation and utilizes asynchronous ad codes in order to optimize speed. Post 2014, Adzerk simplified their offerings and features as per what their customers wanted. They removed a lot of

Ad Serving Platform Adzerk
Which is the best Ad Server platform that supports Video Ads?

Epom supports Video Ad Serving and enables its customers to easily launch and manage large, complex, and deeply targeted video advertising campaigns on mobile and display within one ad serving solution. Epom Video Ad serving

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Any Video Ad server platforms that support WordPress?

You should check out AdBulter. AdButler WordPress plugin generates ad tags enabling you to configure and manage your AdButler ad zones directly from inside your WordPress administration widget area. Using the AdButler system you

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Are there any open soruce solutions for Ad Serving?

Revive Adserver is a free, open source ad serving system that enables publishers, ad networks, and advertisers to serve ads on websites, in apps, and in video players. Revive Adserver is a well-known open source ad server that

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