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Hively is real time customer feedback & employee rewards management tool. Hively invites customers to constantly give feedback in a fun and engaging way. Because it’s convenient and simple, your customers will happily give you valuable feedback more often. The more feedback you get, the easier it is to measure your customer happiness and keep your customers longer.

Hively gives you consistent, real time feedback you can act on. Most companies try to measure customer satisfaction with surveys. Surveys are time consuming and have a low engagement rate. Survey data is also difficult to manage because it’s aggregated, not real time and rarely (if ever) makes it’s way to the people who need it most – the employees working with your customers. With Hively, dealing with customer satisfaction surveys is a thing of the past.

Hively gives your employees real time feedback so they can immediately respond to customer needs. Team members earn points with each customer rating to gain a customer happiness score. These scores motivate your customer facing teams to continually seek feedback and improve the service they provide. Best of all, Hively lets team members give each other feedback by sending them Buzz!

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Can I automate the feedback process with Ask Nicely?

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Yes, we do allow users to provide anonymous feedback. It is a feature we can turn on for an account and there are clients who use this internally for employee feedback as well.

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