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NebulaCX by Kampyle helps customers plan, implement and optimize their Voice of the Customer program. With NebulaCX, its new and innovative platform, engaging with customers and acting on their feedback has never been easier. See how easily you can tune in to your customer’s voice, gain insights on their experience and act to improve customer satisfaction and business results.

NebulaCX's Form Builder is intuitive and easy to use, enabling every marketer and customer experience expert to create beautiful, branded feedback forms in minutes. Simply drag-and-drop question types and components such as NPS and CSAT, edit texts, colors and images, and you are good to go. With real-time User Profiling and Segmentation, NebulaCX helps you engage in the right conversation with the right customer at the optimal point in time so they are most likely to respond and share their feedback.

Invite your customers to communicate with you at the exact time and format which is relevant to their journey, touch points and actions. Choose between buttons on pages and invitations that show up following specific events, or send emails after meaningful engagements. Improve your responsiveness and time-to-resolution by automatically routing incoming feedback, in real time, to the relevant stakeholders in your organization. Manage feedback on the go with the NebulaCX mobile app. View incoming feedback, filter inbox, manage items, forward to team members and more. Respond anywhere, anytime.

Faster, more powerful dashboards, backed up with extensive reports, will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, and share your insights with your team and management to act for optimization. Easily gauge your customer experience performance in real-time, identifying where your program is succeeding and where additional investment is needed. Discover how well your customer feedback program is working, your feedback trends and ratings, and what devices your customers are using in a snap. NebulaCX provides robust and seamless integration with your company’s own software and with 3rd party solutions such as analytics, CRM, ecommerce platforms and more. Supercharge your data and gain true insights.

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