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Chatfuel allows you to build Facebook bots in a few easy steps without having knowledge about coding. Whether you are a big publisher or a small business, Chatfuel can make your audience's chatbot experience rich and frictionless. You can share info about yourself, present a portfolio or automate answers to frequently asked questions with your own personal chatbot. It recognizes similar phrases from users and sends users your pre-defined answers.

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Which chatbot is the most pragmatic one?

With 2M users, Swelly bot is a simple yet insanely smart and insightful. Once you ping Swelly on Messenger, you get the choice to explore and get a feel of how the bot works by voting, or create a Swell right away. If youre

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Which is the best chatbot for Stock market?

You should check out Unicorn Bay, a finance chatbot that can help you to find fundamental and technical information about any stocks, get the list of trending stocks and more. This bot allows you to:1. Trending stocks now (update

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Which is most productive chatbot for Slack?

There are two chatbots that have proved to be quite productive for Slack. 1. Kyber2. AceKyber brings all your to-dos, reminders and calendars in a single place, your timelist. Not only your personal tasks, but also those

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Which chatbot tools provide free chatbot API?

Pandorabotss Playground is a free, integrated development environment for building chatbots loaded with features and tools. The Pandorabots API allows you to integrate our bot hosting service and natural language processing

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Are there any open-source chatbot creation tools?

Yes, there are some open-source tools that let you create your own chatbot which you can easily implement on your own website or your twitter page in your case.For your requirement, Bot Libre is the best solution. It allows you

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