SmsGatewayCenter by SmsGatewayCenter
Price: 0.14 - 0.20 paise per SMS

SmsGatewayCenter is a OTP SMS service provider that generates an OTP which is legitimate for one and only one login session or transaction, on a PC framework or other digital gadget. They offer a high priority gateway, static alpha sender id, 24x7 delivery and DND numbers delivery.

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What are the advantages of 2Factor over other two factor authentication service providers?

mtalkz is the best bulk voice call provider with 99.9% uptime and instant and genuine delivery.. i hope it helped

Two Factor Authentication 2Factor
What is the difference between transactional and promotional SMS?

[Disclaimer: I work for 2Factor SMS Gateway Provider thus below answer may involve references to 2Factor’s offerings]Hello,In India, there are primarily two categories of messages ( as approved by TRAI, Telecom Regulatory

Two Factor Authentication
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  • SmsGatewayCenter
  • SmsGatewayCenter
  • SmsGatewayCenter
  • SmsGatewayCenter


  • 0.20 paise per SMS up to 10000 SMS
  • 0.19 paise per SMS up to 50000 SMS
  • 0.16 paise per SMS up to 100000 SMS
  • 0.14 paise per SMS up to 500000 SMS


High Priority Gateway

Backup Gateway

Twenty Four Seven Delivery

DND Numbers Delivered

Real Time Reports


Global Coverage


Email Support


Live Chat

Twenty Four Hour Support


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