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Woopra is an online analytics service that is designed to track new and unidentified website and mobile app users.  Woopra tracks real-time customer activity for websites, apps and emails. It builds a comprehensive anonymous profile for each user on the site and tracks all their activity in real time. Once a user identifies themselves, through signing up, subscribing, or another similar activity, all of their previous anonymous activity is merged into the same Customer Profile. The Retention reports display if users continue to do important actions, such as make purchases, use your product, or even open your emails. The AppConnect allows the user to sync woopra with all the platforms that the visitor uses such as email, chat, help desk and more. It allows the user to tailor reports according to the requirements or make entirely new reports. Woopra is available on all major platforms and on Android/iOS for app support.

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What are the various services offered by CrazyEgg?

Crazy Egg lets you see what your customers are doing on your website. With its Heatmap Tool, you can see exactly where most of you customers are clicking. It helps you detect one of your more popular sections on you

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Does Heap Analytics track IP address of users?

Yes! You can track visitors' IP Address using Heap Analytics. You can read more about sensitive data tracking here https://docs.heapanalytics.com/v1.0/docs/privacy-security

Web Analytics Tools Heap Analytics
How is Heap Analytics different from its competitors?

Heap Analytics is a great web-based app for tracking interactions on websites and in iOS apps. Heap Analytics records every single interaction that occurs on your website or in your app – every page load, button click, and

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What is Woopra? Which are the different customer segments that use it?

Woopra is a customer journey analytics platform that unifies all your customer data in one place. With Woopra, users can analyze customer behaviors on their website and mobile app to engage their customers across every

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What is unique about Woopra and why do you think companies should use it?

What sets Woopra apart is that it enables users to identify how specific events are impacting customer behavior in real-time. With Woopra, you can bring in data from any source and start tracking user events with a fully

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  • Free
  • $999/month
  • On Request

Uptime Monitoring

Tracks users without Javascript

Search keyword

Customizable Dashboard

Free Trial

No.of Pageviews

  • 500k actions
  • Upto 5 billion actions per month
  • 50+ billion actions per month

Real Time Data

Multiple Site Monitoring

Https Compatible

Social media monitoring

  • Twitter
  • Twitter
  • Twitter

Heat Maps


Visitor Location

Bounce Rate Calculation

Traffic Sources

User Statistics

IP Address Enabled

External Link Tracking

Reporting & Accounts

Data Export

Email Reports

Multiple User Accounts

  • 50
  • Unlimited

Advertising & Goals

Event/Alert Management

Campaign Tracking

Funnel Path Conversion

Goal Setting

Help & Support




Phone Support

Developer API


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