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Litmus allows you to build your email in the web-based editor and get instant previews in 50+ email clients as you go. You can test links, images, subject lines, load time and more before you send the email. It allows you to see where your subscribers opened and if they read, skimmed, or deleted your email. You can track forwards and prints, pinpoint geolocation, compare engagement by device, and more.

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What are the key features of Mail Tester and how is it different from its competitors? allows you to verify if an e-mail address is valid or not.This can help you keep your contacts database up to date.MailTester performs a series of tests (DNS lookups, SMTP checks) on an e-mail address to determine

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What is a spam score and how to keep it low?

The Spam Score is a number assigned to each email by applying a set of rules and it is filtered by the spam firewall. The score is established based on a number of spam filtering tests performed on each email. The higher the Spam

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Technical Features

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DKIM Check

Sender ID Check

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