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Let’s Encrypt is a certificate issuing authority that issues SSL Certificates absolutely free of cost. There are no hidden expenses. It provides DV certification, meaning it only verifies that you own the domain. It issues certificates for a single website and all its sub-domains and uses SHA-1 with 2048-bit RSA for encryption. The certificate provided is valid for 90 days, however they will automatically regenerate a new certificate every 60 days.

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How can I use Lets Encrypt Certificates on a Windows Server?

The easiest tool to create and install SSL certificates for Windows is LetsEncrypt-Win-Simple. First, you need to download the latest version (zip file) from here and extract it to the directory on your Windows server. After

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How do I increase the lifetime of my Lets Encrypt Certificate?

Lets Encrypt has set a 90 day certificate lifetime intentionally. They feel a certificate with a shorter lifetime is more secure, as it limits the damage from key compromise and mis-issuance. And if stolen, the keys and

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  • Lets Encrypt


  • Free

Free Trial


  • Single Websites
    Multiple Websites
    Subdomains Wildcard
    Single Website and All Subdomains

Issuance Time

  • 1 Day

Verification and Validation


  • Domain Verification


Extended Validation

Refund Policy


Multiple Years

Encryption Strength

  • SHA-1 and 2048-bit RSA

Trust Seal


Validity Options

  • Lifetime

Browser Compatibility

Support and Services

x Customer Support

Live Chat Support

Phone Support

Email Support

Mobile Compatibility




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