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Powermeeter is a video interviewing tool which assists you in discovering the best candidates at earliest. It saves you time and effort allowing you to concentrate on finding the right candidate for your organization. It easily integrates with your workflow with its 10-second scheduling, shorter interviews and vivid candidate assessment.

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How is Take the Interview different from its competitors?

Take the Interview is a video interviewing platform that allows hiring managers and recruiters to ask 3-5 key questions to numerous candidates and receive video responses. These responses can be viewed during your commute into

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How is Powermeeter different from its competitors?

Powermeeter is a video interviewing software solution that enables recruiters and hiring managers to streamline the candidate screening process in a more simple and efficient way.Features:Fees based on completed interviewsLive

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How is Tazio different from its competitors?

Tazio is an online assessment and video interviewing platform used by hundreds of employers to assess and interview candidates online. Tazio gives candidates a fantastic way for them to show an employer why they're the best

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How much does Tazio cost?

The price you pay is based on a number of factors. Tazio creates a tailored pricing plan to match your specific needs and budget. This approach ensures you always get the best value for money.You can have a monthly rolling

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What is Spark Hire and how can it help your business?

Spark Hire is a cloud-based video interviewing platform designed specifically for HR departments and teams, hiring managers, and staffing professionals of companies and organizations of all sizes. Spark Hire streamlines the

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