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Price: $20/month - $585/month

Muut is an internet discussion forum and commenting tool. It’s a modern, fast and scalable discussion platform that the users can embed onto their website, and personalize with CSS to match the design of their website. Muut powers lively discussions for millions of sites, making users happier and more likely to return.

  • Let conversation flow with the fastest and cleanest forums out there.
  • Let your users participate with commenting that blends into your site perfectly.
  • The easier way for your visitors to contact you, from anywhere on your site.
  • Muut was built to work at all screen sizes from the start.
  • Muut is lightweight, so it loads quickly even over the slower mobile connections.
  • Muut is a true part of your page, not a window to another site, like an iframe.
  • You can customize Muut’s looks using Muut Designer, our easy-to-use styling tool, or CSS.
  • Muut’s servers will handle what you throw at them — no worrying about user counts or traffic loads.
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Who are the target customers of NodeBB and why should they use it?

While we believe many kinds of companies can benefit from creating a forum, here are a few example industries where this kind of deep customer engagement is particularly helpful:Gaming - for player info sharing, hints, support

Forum Building Software NodeBB
What is NodeBB and how can it help your business?

NodeBB is forum software for the modern Internet. NodeBB is built using the Node.js server-side Javascript platform, and delivers unmatched performance. It has been designed from the ground up to be clean and user-friendly, with

Forum Building Software NodeBB
What are some best hosted forum solutions?

Forums (bulletin boards) are not “chat rooms” where people exchange typed messages in real-time, but a discussion board on any particular topic of interest where people can follow the discussion and type in their own feedback

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What is the difference between the Discourse Hosted Solutions and the One Time Install?

Both, the hosted plans and the one time install provide the same set of features. The key difference between the two is that there is no support provided by Discourse for the one time install while the hosted plans come with support.

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