Meltwater vs Brandwatch

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  • Brandwatch
  • Meltwater


  • On Request
  • On Request

Free Trial


Historical Data

  • Back to 2010


  • Unlimited

Image Recognition

Analyze Trends

Track Sentiments

Multi-Platform Data Tracking

Social Channel Analytics

Data Visualization

Custom Dashboards

Demographic Insights

Report Building

Data Filters

Track Influencers

ROI Analysis

Prospect Identification

Account Management

Other Features

  • Topic analysis
    Filtering and lists
    Categories and Tags
    Email alerts
    Automated reporting


Resource Center


Email Support

Phone Support

Live Chat

Priority Support

What cost is involved in the plans offered by Brandwatch?

Brandwatch, social media listening analytics tool upgrades pricing based on increased mentions. For 20,000 mentions, the price goes up to $1300. For 50,000 mentions, the price goes up to $1800. For 100,000 mentions, the price goes up to $2400. These prices apply on monthly basis mentions.

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