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  • Onfido
  • GoodHire


  • On Request
  • Starting from $29.99


  • Onfido builds trust in an online world by helping businesses digitally verify people’s identities. Using machine learning technology, Onfido validates a user’s identity document and compares it with their facial biometrics. The identity can then be cross-referenced against international credit and watchlist databases.

    Onfido's Identity Record Check cross-references your users’ details against a range of verified global databases and credit reference agencies. The Document Check ensures that your users’ identity documents haven’t been forged, digitally tampered with, lost or stolen. The Facial Check reduces the risk of impersonation fraud. By comparing the photo on a user’s identity document with a selfie, it makes sure your users really are who they claim to be.

    Onfido's multi-bureau approach and intelligent address lookup maximises your customer conversion. The days of scanning and emailing passports are gone. Onfido's meticulously designed verification flow fits neatly into your user journey and takes less than 60 seconds. Its SDKs provide a quick and easy way to integrate and a user-friendly flow is designed to reduce drop-off so you can scale.

  • GoodHire is a mission-led company dedicated to rehumanizing the process of employment and community screening, ensuring companies and candidates alike are treated fairly and with respect. GoodHire is built on a belief in transparency, accuracy, compliance, and dedicated to trust and safety in all types of screening. It delivers reliable, customized services that enable employers hire quickly and safely while building a positive candidate experience.

    Key features:

    • Gets the candidate’s consent and any other necessary information
    • Keeps you updated on the results as each part of the background check finishes
    • Gives your candidates a copy of their own background check so they can review the results
    • Encourages candidates to add context about criminal records or other alerts directly into the results
    • Constantly researches compliance requirements and keep you up to date on any changes through our in-house compliance team
    • Helps candidates quickly address any inaccuracies, so hiring won’t be delayed


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