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  • Oracle


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  • Payfactors gives you the compensation data that matters most to you. Payfactors' collaborative solution puts you and your team at the center of it all, thanks to our easy-to-access, revolutionary technology.

    With Payfactors, you’ll spend more time on what really matters: Attracting and retaining the best talent. Focusing on actions, decisions, and results. You know, the things that got you into comp in the first place, and the things that get the C-suite paying attention.

    Payfactors is a full suite of compensation data management tools. It helps get rid of the manual processes that eat up all your time, and integrate all your data sources and surveys into one simple, seamless spot.

    Key features -

    • Access Payfactors’ data from over 2K surveys, covering 156 unique industries and sub-industries
    • Quickly assess multiple markets at the same time, and benchmark against the companies you care about
    • Customized pay markets are designed specifically for your industry, size, and geographic locale
    • Search across single or multiple surveys with our user-friendly interface
    • Year-over-year analysis makes automated survey participation easy
    • Analyze your compensation strategy’s competitiveness and identify issues before they become problems
    • Easily drag and drop data elements and conduct tabular analysis
    • Create or export beautiful data visualizations
    • Get hands-on access to the most granular, real-time information that’s specific to you
    • Set up a closed group with only the companies you care about, or benchmark your data against a set of companies that you select
    • Access the most real-time data available, from only the sources you care about
  • PeopleSoft Compensation is a Global solution for administering competitive compensation programs around the world.

    Delivered integration with Human Resources, Variable Compensation and ePerformance means you are guaranteed up-to-date information when you need it. PeopleSoft Compensation gives administrators the tools to administer Salary, Cash, and Non-Cash plans that strategically spend compensation dollars and drive performance. PeopleSoft Compensation can utilize a configurable matrix when calculating salary increases. This makes complex calculations based on your business rules easy and efficient, out of the box. Automated proration and eligibility rules further eliminate manual intervention. By performing these processes up front, you ensure your policies are enforced and remove this burden from managers.

    With the ability to view compensation figures in the employee’s paid currency, the amounts are easily converted to remain relevant to the user. The global functionality of PeopleSoft Compensation ensures that most text, date formatting, and data elements are appropriate for employees wherever they are located. The application is currently translated into 17 different languages. 

    PeopleSoft Compensation gives managers the tools to make quick but informed decisions on how to distribute the funding budgets for their group. In addition to group level metrics, they have a complete history of their employees’ compensation over time. With this information managers can redistribute funds as necessary and add notes to support their decisions. Real time balance updates keep track of what you have allocated and how much is available at all times.


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