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  • Adform
  • Salesforce


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  • Adform’s DMP enables you to accurately target your campaigns directly at relevant audiences, which will lead to improved engagement with your brand. Adform’s DMP will collect, combine, categorize and convert first, second and third party data into manageable consumer insights, which in turn can be used to enhance campaign performance, or even segmenting your segments further, allowing you to tailor your campaign messages directly towards certain specific segments. By using Adform you will ensure that you are sending the right messages to the right audiences, causing increased consumer engagement, increasing conversions and getting a far higher ROI along the way.

    • Collect and structure enormous amounts of audience data
    • Activate audience data and media through Adform’s DSP
    • Combine endless amounts of data sources
    • Target custom consumers for highly specific campaigns
    • Understand your target audience’s online habits
    • Increase your marketing ROI through targeted ads
    • Visualize data in terms of demographics, interests and behaviors
    • Full local service

    Adform's DMP is naturally part of our ad stack, which includes our fully integrated Demand Side Platform (DSP), Rich Media and Ad Serving offerings, leaving you to get creative. If you create the perfect ad, it will ensure it reaches the perfect audience.

  • Capture, unify, and activate your data to strengthen consumer relationships across every touchpoint with Salesforce's powerful data management platform. Combine all of your data from any source to deliver more relevant marketing experiences. Use machine learning and artificial intelligence to define and reach your target audience more efficiently and effectively. Use the world’s largest device graph to understand a customer’s unique footprint across all touchpoints, and deliver personalized, relevant messages in the perfect moment. Let your data form your strategy across every touchpoint in order to create better advertising, commerce, and content experiences.

    Use Salesforce Data Management Platform's AI to analyze billions of data signals across all customer attributes and actions to develop new target audiences. Analyze unlimited event-level data attributes to understand the consumer journeys that drive campaign lift. Base the cadence of the customer experience on data, and know the perfect time to engage. Uncover previously unnoticed insights by performing sophisticated data science analysis on massive datasets.

    Find more prospects from transparent and trusted data sources, including some of the world’s most recognized enterprises using Salesforce's powerful data management solution. Create lasting data-sharing relationships with trusted data providers that provision data for your use cases. Unify your data from multiple sources by applying algorithms, and let AI uncover unique segments.


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