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  • QASymphony
  • Applause


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  • QASymphony's software testing and QA tools help businesses create better software by improving speed, efficiency and collaboration during the testing lifecycle. The qTest software testing platform offers best-in-class integrations with leading ALM, automation, CI/CD tools and more! 

    qTest gives you the ability to track, organize, and report on all testing activities through one lighting fast, easy-to-use interface. You can create, centralize, organize and manage test cases quickly and efficiently. qTest test case management was designed to integrate with the tools you already use and love. qTest Manager gives your teams flexible options to organize their tests and powerful reporting to track their results across projects, such as:

    • Build out and re-use execution suites
    • Kick off automation test runs
    • Capture detailed test run execution history
    • Generate test run-specific configurations and parameters

    qTest Manager provides teams with real-time reporting and test analytics that help provide a greater level of visibility into your testing processes. qTest Manager’s customization abilities allows for flexible project deployments and integration settings. 

  • With Applause, put your software in the hands of the largest community of digital experience experts - real people, using real devices - anytime, anywhere. It provdies your business with a community driven approach to software quality that lets you test less and innovate more. Applause connects your apps, websites, IoT products and in-store experiences to uTest - a large and global community of digital experience quality experts. Its unique, full-service approach goes beyond the limitations of automation and offshoring to give you authentic input and insight, from real people in real-world settings.

    Whether you are interested in seeing the day-to-day impact of cold weather on your smart lock, measuring the effectiveness of in-store ad prompts via beacons, or simply trying to cover the expansive matrix of mobile device, Applause has you covered. It delivers digital experiences that work flawlessly every time, everywhere, for every customer. Applause provides a seamless, easy, and intuitive brand experience for all of your customers such that you can gain better insights into your customers, prospects, and target markets.


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