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  • Grow Your Traffic & Customer Base with Taboola. Reach potential customers across the world’s most popular websites. Engage target audiences naturally, while they’re reading interesting content. The Taboola discovery platform drives targeted recommendations in exclusive native placements on thousands of popular media outlets. While its predictive engine excels at getting your content surfaced to those most likely to take interest in it, you can layer additional targeting on top of it to make sure you hit the right people. Drive customers to move from awareness to purchase through retargeting within and outside of the Taboola network. Recommend more of your content, or specific content items, to consumers who have shown interest in your product or service. Or, use Taboola to help people ‘discover’ you when they read content on media outlets and then retarget them on other platforms, such as Facebook. When you use Taboola you get full visibility into your campaigns, so you can see where your content recommendations appear, how many clicks they drive, what items drive most actions and at what CPA. This data enables you to continuously optimize your campaigns - A/B test thumbnails, titles and landing pages; adjust CPC, targeting options and more. Easily start and stop campaigns at any time, adjust your CPC and targeting options and get full transparency into your campaign performance. The “brain” of the Taboola platform is an advanced predictive engine that processes multi-dimensional “signals”, such as content similar readers viewed, topics trending on social media, geographic location and personal content preferences to match people with content they may like across the Web. Every campaign is optimized for its goal, such as driving getting email subscriptions or driving online purchases.

  • Nativo works with more than 400 publishers and powers the native ads for some of the most recognized media companies in the world.

    • Deploy native advertising in hours, not weeks
    • Centralized control and impression level precision
    • Cross-screen deployment and optimization: desktop, mobile web, mobile app
    • Scale a single campaign across multiple properties

    Nativo is uniquely focused on true native executions: contextually aligned, always in the editorial feed, with the brand content consumed within each publication.


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