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  • Outbrain
  • Nativo


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  • Outbrain helps your content reach the most relevant audiences. Get your content recommended on premium sites, including The Guardian, The Telegraph, and Sky News. Outbrain Amplify drives success for businesses of all sizes, with measurable results against a broad range of marketing objectives. Simply select a daily budget ($10 minimum) and cost-per-click. You pay only for visits you receive, until you reach your daily budget. Reach your business goals by using our advanced testing and conversion tools either on your own or with an account strategist. Its unique placements find the right audience for your content while they’re actively looking for something interesting to discover.

  • Nativo works with more than 400 publishers and powers the native ads for some of the most recognized media companies in the world.

    • Deploy native advertising in hours, not weeks
    • Centralized control and impression level precision
    • Cross-screen deployment and optimization: desktop, mobile web, mobile app
    • Scale a single campaign across multiple properties

    Nativo is uniquely focused on true native executions: contextually aligned, always in the editorial feed, with the brand content consumed within each publication.


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