Paycom Alternatives & Competitors

Here is a list of the leading alternatives to Paycom in Compensation Management Software. You can view the features of each alternative and compare them to Paycom. Analyzo lists the best software products in over 200 categories and lets you view the products, their plans and their features. If you would like to narrow down products/plans in Compensation Management Software by feature, Click here.

Compensation Management Software

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With Paycom’s all-in-one software, you can boost employee satisfaction – and control salary budgets – by linking performance with compensation. Cloud-based convenience streamlines the review process among employees, managers and HR. Pay increases automatically update to payroll. You also can see analytics on head count, turnover, overtime and more.

Paycom is an online talent management tool with full pay data integration. With compensation and performance information in one system, you gain insight to control salary budgets and ensure compensation increases are equivalent with contribution. Once increases are approved, they automatically update payroll, saving time and ensuring accuracy.

Key features -

  • Generate Compa-Ratio and Merit Budget reports.
  • Create a Merit Matrix with your Merit Budget, Performance Rating Scale and Compa-Ratios.
  • Adjust your Merit Matrix as needed including awarding lump sums.
  • Automatically upload new rates to payroll.
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UltiPro HCM
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Having the right information and tools readily available is key to making informed compensation decisions for your employees. UltiPro Compensation Management helps you make effective decisions regarding future compensation for individuals, or entire teams.

With UltiPro Compensation Management managers can quickly and easily review salary budgets and guidelines, and determine the best way to allocate pay increases to their employees within their budget. UltiPro delivers an efficient and configurable process for allocating rewards, providing the business and talent data necessary to make informed decisions for all employees. A rich and intuitive experience enables managers to easily navigate through the process and keep the focus on their people.

Key features -

  • Submit pay increases for processing with the click of a button — no manual calculations or spreadsheets required
  • Access an individual’s talent data and compensation history when making compensation decisions
  • Easily sort and filter data when creating compensation plans
  • Create budgets in local currencies
  • Instantly view salary range exceptions via UltiPro’s embedded analytics so you can easily assess your people data and take appropriate action
  • Make informed compensation decisions for employees
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Workday HCM
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Define compensation packages across all areas of your organization and around the globe using just one system. With compensation management software from Workday, you gain the insight needed to create compensation plans that attract and retain top talent.

No two organizations handle employee pay in exactly the same way. That’s why Workday Compensation management software gives you the tools to customize compensation packages and adjust them on the fly.

  • Align employee awards with business objectives and results.
  • Define packages, plans, and programs using data from Workday and the marketplace.
  • Specify compensation components (base pay, bonuses, allowances, and so on) to measure total pay.
  • Easily calculate unique merit, bonus, and stock requirements.
  • Access contextual analytics when you need them to make better pay decisions.

Handle country-specific regulations and manage your global workforce from an easy-to-use compensation management system.

  • Set up flexible location profiles, currency options, and allowance plans.
  • Gain insight into compensation adjustments with detailed audit reports.
  • Use allowance plans to provide global benefits options.
  • Collaborate in real time during merit reviews, giving managers visibility.

Gain deeper insights, more automation, and fewer system integrations with a single system for HR and compensation management.

  • Use one source of data to plan, analyze, and execute compensation packages.
  • Manage job changes, ad hoc promotions, and more during compensation review.
  • Gauge an employee’s total pay to make more-informed decisions.
  • Trigger changes to compensation based on employee updates in Workday.
  • Enhance the merit review process with adjustable plan targets.
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Oracle PeopleSoft
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PeopleSoft Compensation is a Global solution for administering competitive compensation programs around the world.

Delivered integration with Human Resources, Variable Compensation and ePerformance means you are guaranteed up-to-date information when you need it. PeopleSoft Compensation gives administrators the tools to administer Salary, Cash, and Non-Cash plans that strategically spend compensation dollars and drive performance. PeopleSoft Compensation can utilize a configurable matrix when calculating salary increases. This makes complex calculations based on your business rules easy and efficient, out of the box. Automated proration and eligibility rules further eliminate manual intervention. By performing these processes up front, you ensure your policies are enforced and remove this burden from managers.

With the ability to view compensation figures in the employee’s paid currency, the amounts are easily converted to remain relevant to the user. The global functionality of PeopleSoft Compensation ensures that most text, date formatting, and data elements are appropriate for employees wherever they are located. The application is currently translated into 17 different languages. 

PeopleSoft Compensation gives managers the tools to make quick but informed decisions on how to distribute the funding budgets for their group. In addition to group level metrics, they have a complete history of their employees’ compensation over time. With this information managers can redistribute funds as necessary and add notes to support their decisions. Real time balance updates keep track of what you have allocated and how much is available at all times.

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Payfactors gives you the compensation data that matters most to you. Payfactors' collaborative solution puts you and your team at the center of it all, thanks to our easy-to-access, revolutionary technology.

With Payfactors, you’ll spend more time on what really matters: Attracting and retaining the best talent. Focusing on actions, decisions, and results. You know, the things that got you into comp in the first place, and the things that get the C-suite paying attention.

Payfactors is a full suite of compensation data management tools. It helps get rid of the manual processes that eat up all your time, and integrate all your data sources and surveys into one simple, seamless spot.

Key features -

  • Access Payfactors’ data from over 2K surveys, covering 156 unique industries and sub-industries
  • Quickly assess multiple markets at the same time, and benchmark against the companies you care about
  • Customized pay markets are designed specifically for your industry, size, and geographic locale
  • Search across single or multiple surveys with our user-friendly interface
  • Year-over-year analysis makes automated survey participation easy
  • Analyze your compensation strategy’s competitiveness and identify issues before they become problems
  • Easily drag and drop data elements and conduct tabular analysis
  • Create or export beautiful data visualizations
  • Get hands-on access to the most granular, real-time information that’s specific to you
  • Set up a closed group with only the companies you care about, or benchmark your data against a set of companies that you select
  • Access the most real-time data available, from only the sources you care about
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PayScale HR
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Gain access to the freshest, largest, most detailed salary dataset in the world with cloud compensation software by PayScale. Stay current on best practices and how to relate them to your business with free compensation whitepapers from PayScale.

PayScale Insight offers a modern compensation software that gives organizations the ability to track and analyze their comp strategy with fresh salary data. Benchmark a position based on your job description, title, and compensable factors and price it to the market. Track trends by job or talent market in an easy-to-use solution. Leverage the world’s largest and most comprehensive database of salary profiles. Match unique or specialized positions to the market with the freshest data available. A successful compensation strategy includes the communication plan. Give executives a helicopter view of business metrics and create a culture of pay transparency with employees. A key part of a modern compensation strategy is understanding not just what will happen today, but projecting the future strategy. Model what-if scenarios, experiment, and understand the potential impact of decisions. Project the impact of common HR events: various hiring strategies, opening a new location, managing a merger of acquisition, all in a private, foolproof environment.

PayScale Benchmark allows organizations to address their compensation data gaps and remain competitive in the market. Avoid data gaps from traditional surveys or buying surveys that give you data you’ll never use. With 54 million salary profiles and 15,000 job titles—PayScale has the world’s largest database of salary profiles. Easily find the answer to compensation questions with fresh data and a few clicks. Go beyond Excel and utilize an intuitive, cloud based software. Track trends in specific markets and understand how positions can impact your strategy. Model data, compare, and analyze scenarios to get a full picture of your competitive markets. Build pay ranges based on your unique jobs. Compare your positions to the market and optimize the structure as you go forward.

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