Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How is Analyzo free?

Analyzo has affiliate relations with some of the companies listed on the platform. Also some categories get sponsored by the software companies themselves, and the advertising revenue helps fund the research. These commercial specifics in no way impact which products we list, and the research team curates products with absolute autonomy and no financial bias.

Can i get a better deal than the price listed on your website?

Of course you can! In some cases the prices of the products change even before we get the chance to update them. We direct you straight to the companies’ website and some of them do give discounts (especially to startups).

How do you get your product information?

We have a dedicated team researching night and day all our product categories. We collect our information from a variety of sources, primarily from the product company's websites and with interactions with the companies themselves.

How do I choose the product that is right for me ?

All the products we list are market leaders in their categories. Using the filters (that we explain with their information buttons), we allow you to narrow down the products even to their plans which are most suitable to your needs.

Why is my favorite software product not in your list ?

It's probably because it has limited market penetration, or has not passed our research tests to be considered adequate. Still if you feel it must be there, please do drop us a mail and we will review it again.

Why is some of your information different from the product’s own website ?

Since SaaS products are constantly changing their features and pricing, sometimes it takes our research time a few days to catch up to them. If you ever spot an error like this, please drop us a mail and our data team will fix it immediately.