What is Brand24 and how can it help your business?

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Magdalena Urbaniak
Magdalena Urbaniak
  • Answer written
  • 3 Years ago

Brand24 provides instant access to online mentions. You can get customer feedback, grow your business and improve customer satisfaction. In other words, whenever somebody talks about your brand publically on the web - we let you know. How might it help your business? With Brand24 you can:

  1. Get insights to create an accurate communication / public relations/marketing strategy
  2. Verify if campaign that you run right now is working and what's the effect
  3. React to all queries and complaints, to get more leads and make present customers more satisfied
  4. Avoid potential crisis by reacting as the first when any problem arises
    Track mentions on the competitors to get to know what people think like/dislike about them and provide better service/product
  5. Follow trends and people who create them. 


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