Who are the target customers of eZee Technosys and why should they use it?

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Laiza Thomas
Laiza Thomas
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  • 1 Year ago

Hi. The target customers of eZee Technosys are Hoteliers and Restaurateurs. Since our products are developed to meet the  dynamic requirements needs of the hospitality industry.

Coming to your question on“why they should use our product” : it is mainly because we understand and acknowledge the routine pain points of a hotelier/restaurateur and use innovative concepts and ideas to solve them through latest technology. We remove hassles in the operations and automate it, making the entire management efficient. We have developed our products to empower the hospitality industry. We’ve learned and worked on-grounds with hoteliers and restaurateurs to understand their workflow, to discover the setbacks and explore the numerous scopes of improvements. This is why you should choose eZee:

  • Keeping Up With Latest Technology: Our products are very robust and have evolved over time adapting to new technologies.

  • Unlimited Online Training:  Unlimited, one on one online training at anytime.

  • 24*7*365 Live Technical Support: We are right there, when our users need us. May it be busy hours of days or late night, we are always eager to help our customers through various means of support.

  • Free Risk-free Trial: We are so confident on our product that we offer our products for free to our customers so that they can try and then decide to go with us or not. We also offer complete training and live technical support even during the trial period. We never ask for credit card details for the trial.

  • Superb User Experience: Smart, Intuitive and seamlessly integrated to meet every requirements of hotels and restaurants. We also integrate with third party solutions to deliver a superb user experience.

  • Value for Money: Tried and tested solutions with high performance and stability ensures we deliver you the best value for money

  • Talented Team: A strong team of 180+ employees in India (Surat and Goa), Malaysia and Indonesia that constantly innovates.

  • Crisil 3A Rated: eZee Technosys is a crisil 3A rated company which means we are financially strong and our performance is moderate.

  • PCI-DSS certified: We are PCI-DSS certified that is we provide maximum security protection to sensitive card information of guests.

Our complete hospitality solutions are built for the world while being local enough to comply with the regional regulations and as per custom requests by the customer. We are flexible and constantly evolving.

A quick look on our key hotel and restaurant management solutions

  • eZee FrontDesk - On-Premise Hotel Management Software

  • eZee Absolute - Cloud based Hotel PMS

  • eZee BurrP! - Restaurant POS Software

  • eZee Optimus - Cloud based Restaurant POS System

  • eZee Reservation - Online Hotel Booking Engine

  • eZee Centrix - Hotel Channel Manager

Discover more about us on our official website - eZee Technosys.

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