What is SmartSurvey and how can it help your business?

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Mo Naser
Mo Naser
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  • 1 Year ago

SmartSurvey provides survey software to over 140,000 online users worldwide, including Microsoft, BBC, FIFA, Home Office, IKEA, and IBM and is a trusted supplier to universities, colleges, charities, not-for-profit organisations, government departments, NHS hospitals, police forces and local councils. SmartSurvey account holders benefit from being able to use online customisation tools and advanced reporting features. Customers can generate online survey invitations digitally via email and SMS, share them via social media and embed them directly onto websites or commission custom pop-up surveys. Results can be viewed in real-time or exported  for additional analysis. Business customers can also benefit from the ability to white label surveys to build brand consistency, offline mode for reaching customers at kiosks or events, and multi-language for surveying international audiences.


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