What is Unique about Riddle and why do you think companies should use your product?

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Boris Pfeiffer
Boris Pfeiffer
  • Answer written
  • 1 Year ago

The Riddle Quiz Maker is the most versatile quiz maker you will find. In our Enterprise plan you will be able to customize all aspects of the quiz through their CSS styles. But Riddle also supports custom fonts from Google Fonts or Adobe Typekit, allowing brand owners to create  quiz experience that matches their brand guidelines perfectly.

Further to that, even the lower priced Riddle plans allow for customization and automatization. You can define custom result pages, process the quiz data any way you like on your own servers using the Riddle webhooks or connect Riddle with a tool of your choice using zapier.com. 

The Riddle embed fires lots of events that you can use to modify the surrounding page (from creating a simple quiz timer to re-loading your ads when a question is answered).

You can find instructions and examples about all these customizations on the Riddle Blog.

But even with all these customization options available to Riddle quiz makers, you will still find the tool very easy and intuitive to use, which is why it is used by large leading corporations and brands like the BBC, leading sports teams like the Chicago Bulls or Manchester City to small blogs and agencies. 

There are also some fairly unique quiz types like the interactive story module, that lets you create a "choose your own adventure" type story - each answer leads to a new branch in a question tree (see screenshot below)