What is CacheFly? Who are your target customers?

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Mike Mangini
Mike Mangini
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  • 1 Year ago

CacheFly is a high-rated CDN that helps companies build custom delivery network solutions that lead to higher conversion and retention rates, improved global experience, increased availability, reduced hosting spend, and happier customers.

CacheFly is the go-to choice for the customers whether they want a hybrid, private, or multi-CDN solution. CacheFly offers tons of options and features to its users, including 100% Service Level Agreement, real-time traffic reporting, and an instantaneous setup. CacheFly delivers scalable content delivery at a cost-effective price.

CahceFly has thousands of clients based in over 80 countries around the globe. Ranging from Fortune 100 companies down to single-person operations, CacheFly's CDN gives customers on-demand capacity, unsurpassed throughput performance, and a predictable cost model.


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