Which Animaker subscription plan is best suited for which type of user?

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Vaibhav Bakshi
Vaibhav Bakshi
  • Answer written
  • 3 Years ago

Animaker offers 4 plans -

  1. Free Plan - With free plan, anyone can create videos and share them with anyone. It is free to use for anyone.
  2. Personal Plan - This is the most cost effective plan designed specifically to keep high quality videos within the reach of everyone. It is best suited for students, self-learners, presentation etc.
  3. Startup Plan - This plan is best suited for all upcoming companies, startups, social media experts, teachers etc. It also offers a nice collection of characters & props.
  4. Business Plan - This plan is ideal for freelancers, vloggers, video marketers, and brands as it provides the opportunity of unlimited number of videos in full HD. Also it gives you commercial rights to monetise from these videos.


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