What does double VPN mean?

I recently saw NordVPN offerings and came across double VPN feature. Whats the importance and use of this feature?

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Himanshu Singh Rathor
Himanshu Singh Rathor
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  • 3 Years ago

Double VPN, created by Nord VPN, is a privacy solution that sends users’ internet traffic through two VPN servers. Though double encryption may not be necessary if users simply want to unblock services that are inaccessible at their location, like WhatsApp or media content. However, in cases where a high level of anonymity matters, Double VPN can be extremely secure and anonymous.
Usually, when a user connects to the internet, the traffic travels from A (user) to B (destination). With a VPN, it first passes through a VPN server where it gets encrypted, so the connection is A to VPN Server to B. With Double VPN, the connection is A to VPN Server 1 to VPN Server 2 to B.
Meaning, the traffic is protected with encryption between the user’s device and the first VPN server. Then it is encrypted again on its way to the second VPN server. In other words, the connection goes through two different servers in different locations: once traffic gets encrypted on the first one, IP changes and gets re-encrypted on the second server in another location. In the end, users get enhanced encryption, security, and anonymity.


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