How much does SageCRM software cost?

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Vaibhav Bakshi
Vaibhav Bakshi
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  • 3 Years ago

SageCRM doesnt disclose its pricing. Though, it has been found on the internet, that their subscription pricing starts at $69.00 per user per month. On-premise software pricing begins at $1,495 per server and $495 per user license plus an annual support plan in the range of 15% to 21% of the retail price. There is also an Easy Pay option for on-premise customers. Sage essentially sums the CRM software purchase price with three years of annual maintenance and divides that amount into quarterly payments over three years. The effect is a payment plan similar to subscription pricing, however, the customer owns the software licenses after that period. Because SageCRM on demand and on premise are the same code set, customers have the option to convert from one deployment method to the other. Sage also provides some investment protection. A customer moving from on premise to on demand CRM receive a 50% discount on the subscription fees for the licenses currently owned. Or customers moving from on-demand CRM to an on-premise installation, receive a 50% discount on the subscription fees for up to 12 months.

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