What are some free tools to generate a favicon for my website?

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Vaibhav Bakshi
Vaibhav Bakshi
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  • 3 Years ago

Favicon stands for “favourite icon”. It finds its use in visually identifying a website in your bookmarks. It also sits as tiny icon next to site or page name in the browser tabs. It can be spotted on some sites or blogs next to the web address at the top of the page. It gives the saved link a graphical look. Its benefits include locating the website among multiple tabs in the browser. Besides, it helps in brand building. Here is the list of the best Favicon Generators for you to choose from based on your requirements.

  1. Facvicon.cc: Favicon.cc allows you to create, use and animate your favicon. It lets you import jpg, jpeg, gif, png, bmp, ico and cur image format. It displays the top rated Favicons as well as latest ones generated by other users. You can design your Favicon from scratch or using any existing image. All you need is to upload the image and edit it, if needed.
  2. Favic-o-matic: Favic-o-matic helps you to generate favicon and the HTML code. It makes Favicons available in both .ico & .png. On every browser and device, it makes your website look great.
  3. Real Favicon Generator: Other than just generating your own Favicon, Real favicon generator also allows you to test your current website’s favicon and checks its compatibility across different platforms.
  4. Favicon Generator: Favicon Generator is a tool using which you can generate your favicon. It is easy to use and can import GIF, JPEG and PNG image formats. It makes it easier to upload an image and convert it into a .ico format. After conversion, you can upload it to the root folder of your website.


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