The easiest way to collect Emails from your WordPress website

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Kamar Rahi
Kamar Rahi
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The email list is one of the essential parts of a Blog. Undoubtedly, building an email list on your blogs can be a BIG asset for your online businesses, in the long run. Most people, especially the new bloggers don’t know how to grab their audience attention to make them subscribing to their blogs. If you want to get more people subscribing to your blog, you must have the compelling offer on your blogs. To get it done easily, you should consider using few Email Subscription WordPress plugins to grow your list. Since email is one of the most effective marketing channels, it is absolutely critical that every website should have an opt-in mechanism for them to correspond with their visitors.

  1. OptinMonster: OptinMonster provides a lot of customization options. One of its most powerful features is its Exit Intent technology. It detects when a user is about to leave your website and will cause a popup to appear just before they would leave. Aside from exit-intent, OptinMonster also has trigger options based on time on page, location on the website, manual clicks on images and links, as well as referrer source such as search engine, social, favorite website, etc. OptinMonster offers various kind of subscription box that could be used to capture email of your readers or leads. It has a user-friendly interface & they have round-the-clock support. You don’t have to be technical to create a pop-up as you can use their ready-to-use subscription box & just edit the word to personalize it for your website.
    The plugin lets you build beautiful, professional popups using a dedicated visual builder. There are nine stunning templates to choose from, though every element of the popup is fully customizable — including colors, fonts, and sizes. The popups look great, and are among the best of any plugin available — and you can view them in real time, with a live previewer displaying changes as you make them.
    It also supports page-level targeting (you can create popups that are only displayed on targeted pages, letting you tailor your popup’s content to appeal to specific audience members based on the content of the article). The plugin includes built-in analytics, so you can quickly and easily track which popup is converting best. Within analytics, you can also set up A/B testing to continually improve conversions.
  2. HelloBar: Hellobar is a popular tool that runs across the top of several websites and can trigger several calls to actions such as Email Subscribe, Social Following, Sharing etc. Just like most modern opt-in tools, hello bar also lets you A/B test your opt-in forms.
    You can choose to show/exclude showing the bar on every/specific page or show the bar only within a specified time frame (from date X to date Y). You can also change button text, colors of everything, fonts and font sizes, among many more features
    This free plugin creates a small header bar in your blog header section (above your blog’s logo) and your visitors can’t easily get away without noticing it. You could use a hellobar plugin to grow your affiliate sales or direct users to landing pages. If you have compelling words on your hellobar, you can bring more email subscribers to your list in no time.
  3. SumoMe: The Sumome List Builder is a part of a suite of tools developed by Appsumo. List Builder also comes with exit-intent technology similar to OptinMonster. The free version allows a few customizations but for advanced features like A/B Testing, you will have to subscribe to their paid plans.
    The free version of List Builder lets you use and edit the default template, but there are seven more advanced templates available ($6 each). The free template may be simple, but it looks professional and can be fully customized using the intuitive interface. Using SumoMe you can add any kind of pop-up, welcome mat, scroll box & use any condition to show the email subscription box. It integrates with all popular email service such as InfusionSoft, Aweber, Getresponse to name a few.
    You can choose when your popup is displayed by manually selecting a delay, or by choosing the smart display option, which automatically determines the best time to display the popup, and also use a set of conditional rules to configure the pages of your website on which you want the popup to display. It also has a simple analytics system that’s updated daily.
  4. WordPress Opt-in Plugin: This is a free opt-in plugin from the WordPress community that provides a high level of customization. It is not as easy to integrate as the other tools, but its free and has good community support. It provides all the standard opt-in features and integrates with a variety of email marketing solutions.
    It’s lightweight and quick-loading, plus the interface makes use of the familiar WordPress visual editor. While simple, the popups look stylish and professional. You can also choose a time delay before your popup is displayed, as well as a detailed set of display conditions to ensure your visitors aren’t barraged with them.
  5. Rapidology: Rapidology integrates with all the most popular email marketing solutions and delivers all the basic email opt-in functionality. It even provides opt-in stats and a good level of customization – there are dozens of different designs to choose from and you can modify their colors and images later in the process.
    Rapidology also lets you choose how each action on your page can trigger a widget. Time delays, scroll delays, and other options are available with the click of a button. It also has built-in conversion stats & analytics, can easily run split tests to increase your conversion rates, and is completely mobile responsive & functional across all devices.


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