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Kamar Rahi
Kamar Rahi
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Split testing enables website owners like yourselves to make informed decisions about the changes on your website. You can do so by comparing the impact these changes have on your metrics with half of your traffic driven to the original version (control) and the other half to the modified version (variation).  You can subsequently determine whether the change was positive, negative or redundant on visitor behavior. The interaction or engagement of each visitor on your webpage is recorded on an analytics dashboard through a statistical engine.
Some benefits of split testing:

    • Improves marketing campaign
    • Better segmentation
    • Better targeting
    • Web-optimization
    • Make data informed decisions without any ambiguity
    • Analyze user-behaviour and construct hypothesis
    • Improve user experience and increase user engagement with valuable with valuable customer insights
    • Increase sales and conversion rates
      Here are some aspects to consider before you choose your A/B testing tool- price to avoid cost overrun, technical ease of executing the process, responsiveness, time-frame of experiments, number of variations allowed, guidance and feedback from experts. The process does not have to be technically challenging, time-consuming or overtly expensive with these simple tools to your rescue. Here’s a list of our favorite split testing tools for Free.


  1. Optimizely: The Optimizely platform provides businesses the ability to conduct A/B testing, multipage and multivariate testing that may be used for making data-driven decisions. It allows you to track engagement, clicks, conversions, sign ups and more.  It is extremely easy to install and the WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) interface is highly intuitive. Use Optimizely to increase your website’s user engagement and revenue.  It is however not a great option for complete starters. It’s standout features are:
    • User-friendly interface
    • Effective A/B, multivariate, and mobile-focused testing options
    • Solid basic offering with quality advanced features at higher price point
    • On the flip side, though, it lacks outside data integration, any alternative testing algorithm like a bandit or adaptive testing and multivariate testing requires a Gold membership costing $359/month. Optimizely offers a Starter plan which is free of cost and an Enterprise plan which is negotiable. The Starter plan is a catchall package for starters. It, however, lacks tools for marketing and detailed data analysis or feedback like custom reports, Ad campaign, customer visit segmentation etc. Plans start from being free to costing $49/month.
  2. Google Analytics: To make the most of your website, here is another great tool for free- A/B testing integrated with the Google Analytics suite. It enables you to draw data directly from Google’s extensive data pool. It only allows for pure split-testing, and the user has to decide the different variations. Google Analytics Premium now offers BigQuery integration as well which helps with detailed data analysis within seconds. It is completely free of cost. You can also run experiments on AdSense results. It takes care of a wide range of things:
    • Split-test up to 10 full versions of a single page using Content Experiment, each delivered with a separate URL (Content Experiment, however, lacks a visual editor)
    • Compare different web pages’ performance
    • Choose the objective you would like to test and get e-mail updates on the same
    • Use Content API to run tests and search algorithms
    • Offers multi-armed bandit testing


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