What are the Best Website Builders for Restaraunts?

I hired an agency to develop a website for my restaurant a few years ago, the site was good for the time, but they charged me a bomb. Wondering if there are any website builders for restaurants that I can use to build a site myself.
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Rubin Sabharwal
Rubin Sabharwal
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  • 2 Years ago

With the Internet pervading every sphere of our lives, being present and accessible on this virtual space becomes no less than a necessity. If you are a restaurant owner, having a website of your own is the first step towards attracting crowds, optimizing business opportunities and expanding your customer base.  It is a great marketing tool that enables potential customers to get a glimpse of what they are heading for before they step out with options like smart menus, event calendars, and online reservation systems ready to view on the go and vibrant images hinting to the ambiance of the place.

There is a lot of help available on the Internet for this purpose with a range of website builders waiting to give you a content-rich, user-friendly restaurant website, saving you a lot of time. Many aspects are important to consider before you take your pick such as the content quality, user interface, design templates, browsing experience, device compatibility, updating process and budget. As per our research, here are the top restaurant website builders.

1.  Restaurantors: Restaurantors is an easy-to-use website builder that provides varied features to build you a stunning site. There are pre-built designs, a Facebook-twitter integrator, an image gallery to help you with the process, with the newly added feature of Mobile website.

The premium website package costs $89/year. It comes with 30 designs, 10 image galleries, unlimited editing, Facebook-twitter and much more. The free package costs $59/ year and includes 30 designs, unlimited editing, 1 image gallery with 50 images.

2.  Happy Tables: Happy Tables provides you with tools to create a user-friendly WordPress powered website for your restaurant/bar. It also offers hosting support. It gives you profit-driven insights through analysing your restaurant’s existing tools such as your waitlist, orders, reviews and more.  It puts up a user-friendly website through features like design customisation, ready -to-use templates, easy menu creation and updates. Another noteworthy feature is that it lets you connect the website to your preferred domain.

The Lite package for building your website comes absolutely free allowing one page, one menu and a mobile optimised user-interface for your website. The Professional one comes for $39/month with added features like priority support, newsletter subscriptions, reservation and online ordering integration other than the provision of an unlimited number of pages, menus and events. The Master package is not available yet but will be coming soon with the most advanced and upgraded facilities including multi-location capability.

3.  Let’s Eat: It is a great option to build a website with attractive design options and web hosting provisions. Let’s eat offers a plethora of free templates for all screen sizes and a responsive interface. You can easily integrate features like online ordering, email newspapers, online reservation, social integration, satisfaction surveys and resume management set-ups to create a perfect website. You can either go for the monthly plan costing $10 or the yearly one for $99 ($8.25/month).

4.  Flavours Plate: Flavors plate accommodates a simple and straightforward approach for your website. It makes your website easy to use, access and manage. Website manager, menu manager, social sync and gift card shopping cart are some of its unique features.

The pricing is reasonable with the Lite and Standard plans, the former being for $9/month and the latter being for $35/month.  Some of the added features in the Standard plan are unlimited support via phone and email, unlimited menus synchronised to Facebook, unlimited custom pages and galleries and eligible farm-to-table discounts. The amount can be paid on the go rather than all at once with experts continuously monitoring your performance.

5.  Restaurant Engine: To maximise your impact on the web, climb up the rankings ladder and rope in more customers, here’s another option for all the cafes, food trucks, restaurants and bars out there. Clean and elegant templates for professionals, mobile optimised resolution, WordPress powered updates, social and SEO tools, you get it all in this catch-all package. With Restaurant engine you’ll be working with top-notch tools to build your website with professional guidance on every step- emails, skype consultations etc. It also has a Full setup service that takes care of everything right from the basic design to adding food menus and prepping your site to go live.

Using Restaurant engine is a two step process. First, set-up and launch the website with the professional setup plan costing $199. Its standout features allow you to connect your domain name to the site and optimise search engine results. The plan also includes a month of free service post which a website and support plan must be purchased for $49/month or the website and support plan with a marketing boost for $99/month. Both plans have impressive features like reliable web hosting, easy website management, done-for-you support with the added features of email marketing, reports and feedback in the latter.

6.  Bistrosquare: Every website here comes with menu tools, social network integration, maps integration, reservation, coupon builders and is mobile friendly. The website can be set-up promptly with an easy to use interface, coupon builders, a variety of designs, event calendars and a preferred domain name. It is great for beginners.

There are three plans to choose from- Starter with a 5 GB disk space and 50 GB transfer capacity, Deluxe with a 35 GB disk space and 50 GB transfer capacity and Premium with a 75 GB disk space and 50 GB transfer capacity. All of them have a bistro builder. The starter plan costs $9.99, the deluxe plan (the most popular one) costs $ 19.99 and the premium plan comes for $29.99 with the maximum number of features.

7.  Restaurant Solution: Restaurant Solution provides an all integrated web technology for restaurants.  Other than online ordering, table reservations and galleries, it provides interactive maps and a platform to promote your upcoming events for a very low monthly price. The website can be created for free on a chosen or customised template but services like web hosting, online ordering and online marketing are paid. As you opt for more services you pay a higher price within a range of $159-$299/month after creating the website.


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