How is Adobe Dynamic Tag management any different from a traditional Tag management service?

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Rubin Sabharwal
Rubin Sabharwal
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  • 2 Years ago

Formerly known as Satellite, Adobe DTM (dynamic tag management) is a tool that manages user-generated tags and provides features to collect and distribute data across digital marketing systems. It also enables the responsive delivery of user-specific content. Dynamic Tag management helps to simplify the complex or tedious process of tagging web pages without much depth in coding knowledge. DTM not only take care of tags, but also provides data management, data integration, and data activation. DTM is different from other tag management services as it follows a different approach. Using DTM, tags, and scripts are served asynchronously and synchronously both. It provides complete integrations with Google Analytics, Adobe SiteCatalyst and Adobe Test and Target. It also allows capturing variable from anywhere of the page. 


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