Why should I use Tag Management tools?

I’d like to understand the importance and need of these so-called tags
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Rubin Sabharwal
Rubin Sabharwal
  • Answer written
  • 3 Years ago

The tags are nothing but a snippet of JavaScript code that performs a specific task for your website. These tags can be further utilized to collect analytics data, cookie a visitor that can be re-targeted later and improve your ability to reach and serve ideal visitors to your site.

You should use Tag Management tools for following reasons:

1.     A Tag management tool provides a central repository to manage and deploy tags. Using these tools, you can insert a script tag into your site and then manage it using Tag management systems

2.     Never having to touch the website code

3.     Tag management systems are powered across CDN that are really fast. This can help your website’s SEO and give faster load time speed and better conversion rates

4.     They allow you to build containers where you can intelligently organize the tags that you wish to manage

5.     Most importantly, it helps you avoiding duplicate and non-functional tagging, resulting in more accurate measurement


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