What kind of advertising formats does Adzerk supports?

I have heard Reddit uses Adzerk services. What like to understand their offerings in a better way.

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Prince Saini
Prince Saini
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  • 2 Years ago

Adzerk offers smooth native ad implementation and utilizes asynchronous ad codes in order to optimize speed. Post 2014, Adzerk simplified their offerings and features as per what their customers wanted. They removed a lot of features that weren’t getting utilized and no longer fitted for the customers. They also got rid of their free plan as well. Adzerk focused more on server-to-server API rather than building ad platform from scratch. These APIs provide easy access to custom targeting and tracking tools, ad decision engine, revenue optimizer, 1st party data management platform and automation tools for campaigns creation and reporting.

Adzerk’s API integrate directly into the CMS. This enables the creation of integrated native ads that mirror the organic content. Examples include Promoted Posts, Sponsored Listings, Sponsored Recipes/Ingredients, Sponsored Locations, and more.

Adzerk supports most of the formats such as image, text, impression pixel, click URLs, special event URLs, etc. You can request your specific type of requirement for the Ads which later can be inserted dynamically into your native ad unit. They also support Rich Media Ads.


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