How effective is Instagram Ad Retargeting? How good is Adroll for the same?

I recently visited Adroll page on full-funnel advertising on Instagram. I have an e-commerce store where alot of my customers shop through our Instagram page. How effective can Ad retargeting be on Instagram?

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kamar rahi
kamar rahi
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  • 3 Years ago

Instagram Ad Retargeting allows you(advertisers) to retarget users using dynamic ads (launched by Facebook last year). This ad product enables data-driven ad customization so that users are served relevant ads based on their online activity and interests. Instagram following its parent company Facebook, has constantly improved its ad products and making its platform more brand-friendly. Also, Facebook has said 60% of Instagram users report that they discover new products on the app and of that 60 %, 75% take action after seeing a product post. Thus, Ad Retargeting using Instagram can be a useful tactic as it seems like a powerful tool for advertisers.


AdRoll provides Instagram Ad retargeting in a unique way by the means of high performing dynamic product ads, free on-brand creative service and as a unified platform. My suggestion would be to try AdRoll out. They also have custom pricing as per your traffic and business needs.


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