Are there any free tools to know when a client opens my mails?

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kamar rahi
kamar rahi
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Email tracking tools are essentially required for keeping a continuous record of emails once they have been sent. With these tools, you can keep a track of your email campaigns - whether they have been opened by the recipients and if they have accessed any links through them.

To decide on an email tracking solution, you must consider a number of factors:

  • is the core email tracking functionality all that you require?
  • will your business benefit from additional features, such as contact profiles, email templates and email scheduling?
  • how many people are on your team? If it is just you, the options are significantly cheaper than if it is for an entire department.

The following are the top free email tracking tools for you to choose from as per your requirement:

  • HubSpot Sales (formerly Sidekick) is an email tracking tool by HubSpot with the core functionality of informing the sender when and where the recipient has opened the mails, how many times it has been opened and what device it was opened on. HubSpot Sales proves itself to be substantial by providing a contact’s professional history directly in your inbox and is capable of being integrated with Gmail, Outlook, Apple Mail, Salesforce and HubSpot. Some of its main feature include CRM Integration and Real Time Tracking.
  • Bananatag is another popular email tracking tool that provides a dashboard that is extremely simple to use. This dashboard enables the users to access important data such as opened vs. unopened emails, unclicked vs. clicked emails, and unique vs. repeat clicks. This tool easily integrates with Google Apps or a Gmail account with an essential feature of tracking the amount of time taken between sending and opening of the emails. It does not accommodate features such as Tracking History, Daily Reports or CRM Integration on the free plan but the services can be availed on certain paid plans.
  • MailTrack is another email tracking tool available as a Chrome Extension for Google Apps that lets you know if the mails you send have been read by the recipients or not, how many times have they been read and on what device. It works with Gmail and Google Apps for Work. MailTracks  double check-marks for read receipts are completely free and unlimited. Email scheduling and CRM Integration are some of its main features. Unlimited Tracking History, Link Tracking and Real Time Tracking can be availed on the paid plan.
  • ContactMonkey is also a chrome extension for Google Apps that lets you see exactly when, where, and what device was used to open your emails. Features like Real Time Tracking, Tracking History and Link Tracking can be availed on the Free plan but features like Custom Signature and Daily Reports can only be availed on paid plans.


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