How much do CDN services like Akamai cost?

According to my requirement, Id like to know the cost of 500 GB bandwidth/month. How much would Akamai charge for this?

Can you answer this question?

Rubin Sabharwal
Rubin Sabharwal
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Akamai is a cloud-based platform that provides CDN services as per your business needs. Thus, its pricing is customized and they bill their users on a "pay as you grow" model. As the traffic grows, the pricing also scales. 

Coming to your requirement, Akamai (as found on the internet) confirms that they charge $350 per TB. This pricing continues till 10TB ($3500). Id suggest you go for their free trial period (60 days) and see how well it fits your requirement. You can also contact their sales team to get you a good quote on your specific requirement. Hope this helps.


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