Use These Tools to See Who Opens Your Emails

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Himanshu Singh Rathor
Himanshu Singh Rathor
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  • 3 Years ago

Email is a very important tool for communication and marketing for businesses. So it becomes essential to know whether the mails you send your customers are opened by them or not. The following tools help you with exactly this: who opened your mail and when along with several other analytics.

a. Hubspot Sales offers you the first 100 contacts free and for an added $100 for every thousand contact you add. They track not only who opened your mail but when and where they opened it and what device they used. With their blog analytics you can see how much your blog is contributing to your marketing strategy. Other features include SEO recommendations, integrated social publishing, mobile optimization, subdomains, tracking history, social media monitoring, custom signature, social media publishing, real-time tracking and social media analytics.

b. is a Chrome extension that offers free and unlimited service for Gmail accounts. Its real time desktop notification alerts you exactly when someone opens your mail. If both the sender and the receiver have the extension installed, you can even track who read your email among multiple recipients. Other features include unlimited tracking, link tracking/attachment tracking, email scheduling, CRM integration, daily reports and a 24 hour support on their free plan. Their paid plan at $2 per month gives you an added custom signature and unlimited real-time tracking and tracking history.

c. ToutApp does not support a free plan but offers you a 14-day trial period for all its paid plans. The paid plan starts at $49 per month and includes unlimited tracking, email scheduling, CRM integration, real-time tracking and 24×7 customer support. It supports Gmail and Outlook. It does not support tracking history but other features like daily reports and attachment tracking can be availed with higher paid plans.

d. ContactMonkey can be added to Gmail and Outlook and is simple and quick to set up. With ContactMonkey, you can track when, where and how your mails are opened and find out who clicks on your links. It offers users a free plan with features like link/attachment tracking, real-time tracking and tracking history. Pricing starts from $10 per user per month and provides additional features like multi user Email profiles, unlimited tracking and daily reports.

e. Yesware is a tool for Gmail and Outlook which tracks email open and reply rates, link clicks and attachment opens. It supports a multi user email profile and automatically logs activity data in real-time. It also provides an intuitive dashboard view which makes it easy to track sales reps. The pricing starts at $12 per user per month and offers features like email scheduling, CRM integration, tracking history, daily reports and 24×7 support.

f. Bananatag is an email tracking tool which offers data security and tracked email metrics which provides information about all the interactions with your mails. On its free plan, it offers 5 email tags per day, full metrics, basic notifications and email scheduling for Gmail. It does not, however provide real-time tracking, tracking history or daily reports. Its pricing starts at $10 per month to up to $20 per month/user which offers you unlimited Email tracking.

g. SalesLoft works on Gmail and Outlook, targeting mid-sized to large online businesses. With real-time email tracking, you know exactly when someone is opening your mails and clicking on your links. The pricing is custom and can be availed by contacting their sales staff. It offers cadence scheduling, sales email engine, integrated dialer and salesforce integration. Other features such as automatic time-zone detection, voicemail drop, data partner integrations, Sigstr integration and advanced analytics can be availed once you upgrade to higher plans.


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